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Please notify your insurance agent, broker; or contact our Claims Department on (852) 3971 2617 or by email at genclaims_info@generali.com.hk.

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For Loss of or Damage to Contents / Building

  • Complete and return to us the Claim Form
  • Report to the police any theft or malicious damage
  • Give notice to the building management office, if any, in the case of water damage
  • Take steps to minimize loss or prevent further damage
  • Provide photos, repair quotations and purchase / replacement invoices
  • Do not dispose of damaged property or commence remedial work without our prior consent


For Public Liability Claims

  • Complete and return to us the Claim Form
  • Forward to us all correspondence unanswered from the third party and any writs, summonses or notices immediately upon receipt
  • Do not admit liability or make any offer to the third party without our prior consent
  • Identify any witnesses and safeguard any physical evidence
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For Personal Accident Claims

  • Complete and return to us the Claim Form
  • Provide the Death Certificate and Letters of Administration
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Important Notes:

  • Give your full cooperation to any loss adjusters, if any, we appoint
  • The above is a general claim guidelines. Further document / information may be required, if necessary.
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