LionPromise Pro

You work hard every day, striving for a leisure retirement life. LionPromise Pro (the “Plan”) helps you establish a solid foundation for your retirement life through offering Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Payment until age 100, allowing your new chapter of life to be truly financially stressless.

Under the Plan, you can tailor-made your retirement plan through its flexibility of choosing when to start receiving annuity payment, you can also choose the life protection for different life-stage based on your needs, enabling you to live a wonderful retirement life at your golden age.

Build retirement reserve to meet your financial needs

Personalize your protection at different life stages

Tailor-made your retirement plan and transfer wealth through generations


Personalize your Annuity Payment Start Age

Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Payment up to age 100

Flexibility to lock-in Terminal Dividend for securing market upside

Select different protections at different life stages, with 105%/120%/140% of Total Premiums Paid

Flexible options for death benefit payments

Help you pass on wealth and protection through generations comprehensively

The Plan is offered by Generali Life (Hong Kong) Limited.

Remarks: All information on this webpage is for reference only. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the product brochure and Policy Provisions for details of terms and conditions, risk disclosures of the Plan.

BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards 2020

Outstanding Achiever in Retirement - LionPromise Pro

BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards 2020

Outstanding Achiever in Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy - LionHarvest

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Outstanding Achiever in Client Support

2020 International Finance Awards

Most Innovative Life Insurance Product - LionGuardian


Juvenile Health Insurance Initiative of the year - Hong Kong - LionGuardian

2020 International Finance Awards

Best Travel Insurance Product - Bravo Travel

BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards 2019

Best-in-Class in Critical Illness - LionGuardian

BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards 2018

Best-in-Class in Term Life - LionPainter

Enjoy up to 5% of 1st Policy Year’s premium refund until 30 June 2021