Press Release

Generali’s critical illness products rated 5 Stars by 10Life, featuring unlimited claims for cancer, stroke and heart attack

Generali’s critical illness products, LionGuardian Beyond and LionGuardian PlusOne have recently received a top 5-Star Rating from 10Life in the Whole Life Critical Illness and Term Critical Illness categories respectively, affirming the well-rounded coverage and value these products offer to customers. 

Ms. Quinney Tang, Division Head, Product Development said, “We are delighted that our critical illness products attained a 5-Star Rating from one of the largest insurance comparison platforms in Hong Kong. It is a testament to Generali’s continuous commitment to developing innovative products tailored to customers’ needs and reinforces our ambition to be Lifetime Partner to our customers.”

Flagship products in Generali’s critical illness series, LionGuardian Beyond and LionGuardian PlusOne provide comprehensive coverage with the following key features:

Unlimited major critical illness benefits1 and protection for 138 illnesses

Exclusive in the market2, both plans offer unlimited number of claims3 for cancer, stroke and heart attack until the age of 1004, protection for 138 illnesses, including Major Critical Illnesses and Early Stage or Minor Illnesses, and every major critical illness claim offers 100% of Sum Assured1, unaffected by any previous claims on other critical illnesses.

Future premiums waived

Future premiums will be waived once the full claimable amount is reached, providing customers with continuous protection throughout their life.

Protection for unknown illnesses

Even if the cause of the illness is unknown, benefits are also payable for losses in functionality of the key organs5 – heart, liver, lung or kidney – with 100% of Sum Assured for each claim.


10Life is one of the largest insurance comparison platforms in Hong Kong and performs quantitative research on insurance products. Their actuaries break down complex products into simple product ratings based factors that matter the most to the consumer. The top insurance products in the market are rated as 5 Star. 

[1] Unlimited claims are only applicable for cancer, stroke and heart attacks. For each of the other major critical illnesses, the major critical illness benefit shall be payable to the maximum once only. For waiting period and terms and conditions, please refer to the product brochure.
[2] Based on comparisons with other critical illness plans issued by Hong Kong major life insurance companies as of June 2022.
[3] Subject to waiting period and specific terms and conditions.
[4] If the plan is taken out for an unborn baby, coverage period will be 100 years after the policy becomes effective.
[5] Diagnosed with specific condition of key organs (heart, liver, lung or kidney) which last for at least 3 consecutive months.