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You can easily make a claim through our one-stop employee benefits platform, GenBRAVO, corporate website, or mail-in option.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I make claim(s) through GenBRAVO?
Upon logged into GenBRAVO, please tap “Claims “and select “File a new claim” for claim(s) according to the covered item within 90 days from the treatment date. You can upload all the related receipts and documents during submission after select “Insured member”, ”Claim type” and provided the relevant information.
How can I get back the original medical receipt(s) from Generali?
Please note that we are keeping the original receipt(s) for internal record(s). Upon the completion of the claim, please select the related claim under “Claims” and then click “Request to return the Certified True Copy of receipts” in GenBRAVO.
How do I know if my submitted e-claim(s) has/have been processed and paid?
You can view your processed and paid e-claim(s) on GenBRAVO. These records will be kept for the current policy year and the immediate past 1 policy year. After clicking the “Claims”, you will find the status of different submitted claims.
How can I claim the remaining balance with Generali if the claim was partially claimed by another insurance company/medical scheme?
There are options for members to submit a claim as their first claim or as a second claim in GenBRAVO. If you would like to claim the remaining balance upon the completion of first claim. please choose “Are you making a claim for remaining balance?” and submit the copy of the receipt(s) along with Claim Settlement Advice issued by another insurance company/medical scheme under “File a new claim”.
My claim has been rejected due to insufficient information, can I use submit the claim again with supplementary information?
Yes, please submit a new claim request via GenBRAVO upload all the related receipts and documents once again.
How can I check the number of my out-patient claim(s) that has been processed?
Please click “Benefit”, select “Outpatients”, and then click “Usage” according to each covered item.
Where can I check my medical coverages?
Please click “Benefits” and review each covered item for details.
Where can I find the list of the network clinics?
If you are entitled to the Generali network service, you can find a list of our network service provider by clicking “Find a network doctor” and select “Doctor or clinic” / “Hospital”. You can also search the list according to your preferred district or specialty.