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Generali Partners with Global Leader Teladoc Health to Bring Members Unlimited Medical Consultation Services for Physical and Mental Wellness

Generali Hong Kong joins hands with Teladoc Health, Inc. (NYSE: TDOC), global leader in whole-person virtual care, to offer unlimited teleconsultation covering physician and psychologist advice through Generali’s “We Care”, a dedicated app providing one-stop services to Generali’s Employee Benefits members.


As the top insurer in group life and seventh in group medical insurance1, Generali strives to add value by making professional healthcare-related services more accessible to customers. The new service expansion also makes Generali one of the pioneering companies to offer psychological advisory services, ensuring that member well-being is not just limited to physical health, but includes mental wellness as well.


Increasing demand for remote healthcare and mental wellness services


Teleconsultations have been gaining traction in recent years. With the pandemic, development has undoubtedly accelerated and receptiveness for remote healthcare has grown as people look for safer, more convenient access to medical services given concerns about clustering and cross-infection in clinics.


The pandemic has also given rise to a growing prevalence of mental illnesses according to a bi-annual study2 by the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, demonstrating the need for easy access to the city’s mental wellness services. The study estimates that 23% of people suffer from moderate to severe depression as of 2020, a significant increase of 27% in just two years. When asked about the source of pressure, over 60% of respondents pointed to the pandemic, among other factors such as family, health, and work.


Unlimited teleconsultation with qualified doctor network from the comforts of home


Meeting the rising demand for remote healthcare and mental wellness services, Generali’s introduction of unlimited free-of-charge medical teleconsultations to its Employee Benefits programme ensures that members can receive timely medical support without any physical limitations or concerns:


Doctor consultation for general healthcare

For all non-emergency medical concerns or questions, members can book video or phone call consultations and receive professional advice and information from physicians3

Psychological guidance for mental wellness

Members can virtually consult with clinically certified3 psychologists through phone call for well-being concerns, including stress, anxiety and depression, guaranteeing greater peace of mind and care in a familiar space as preferred.

Services are supported by a qualified medical network3, including 80 general practitioners and 30 psychologists, all with more than 10 years of clinical experience on average.


We are excited to partner with Teladoc Health, a global virtual care leader serving more than half of the Fortune 500 companies and empowering people to live healthier lives with its network of 50,000 international medical experts. As we strive to become a Lifetime Partner to our customers, we continually seek to enhance and innovate our suites of services, catering to evolving needs. The teleconsultation offering brings a new level of innovation and digitalisation to our Employee Benefits service. We expect to onboard our 40,000 Employee Benefits members into our teleconsultation service over time, enabling them to access professional medical advice from the comforts of their home, as well as from any part of the world in their preferred language either in Cantonese or English”, said David Fontaine, Interim General Manager and Chief Insurance Officer of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A – Hong Kong Branch.


I am delighted to extend the long-term partnership between two major players into the Asia region. Generali Hong Kong has been an important insurance provider in the city for over 40 years, with proven success in bringing unique and beneficial insurance solutions to policy holders. As a leader in whole-person virtual care, Teladoc Health is committed to offering an integrated service with ‘the technology to connect, expertise you can trust and the power to improve health’”, said Myra Yu, Managing Director of Teladoc Health Asia.


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[1] In terms of annual premium; source: Mercer Marsh Benefits MMB Hong Kong Employee Benefits Industry Report – 2nd release, April 2020
[2] Source: Hong Kong Depression Index Survey 2020, the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong:
[3] Certified in Hong Kong.