Generali Hong Kong wins whole-life critical illness, term critical illness and savings insurance awards at “10Life 5-Star Insurance Award 2022”

Generali Hong Kong has recently won the “5-Star Savings Insurance Award”, “5-Star Whole Life Critical Illness Insurance Award” and “5-Star Term Critical Illness Insurance Award” at 10Life 5-Star Insurance Award 2022, recognising its outstanding performance in delivering comprehensive health and wealth solutions. Generali Hong Kong is the only insurer to be awarded in all the three categories of savings, whole-life critical illness and term critical illness insurance.

Ms. Cecilia Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Generali Hong Kong said, "We are very honored to receive 3 accolades at ‘10Life 5-Star Insurance Award 2022’, covering multiple award categories. These awards reaffirm our commitment to providing excellent products and services, demonstrating our ambition to be a Lifetime Partner to our customers. Moving forward, Generali will continue to develop first-class insurance solutions to protect customers at every stage of their life journey.”

Generali Hong Kong’s award-winning savings insurance, namely “LionTycoon Beyond”, offers numerous competitive product features to meet customers’ needs at different life stages, including:

·      Attractive potential returns

The plan with a two-year premium payment term features a short total break-even year as low as 6 years and provides double total cash value in 15 policy years; quadruple in 25 policy years based on total premiums paid[1].

·      Various payment terms options

A total of four payment terms, 2, 5, 8 and 10 years, are available to help customers achieve their financial goals based on their needs at different life stages.

·      Flexibility to lock-in Terminal Dividend

Through the Regular and Flexi Lock-in Options[2], Terminal Dividend can be accumulated in the Benefit Accumulation Account to earn non-guaranteed interest of 4% p.a., securing market upside and avoiding volatility.

5-Star flagship products in Generali Hong Kong’s critical illness series, LionGuardian Beyond and LionGuardian PlusOne, provide comprehensive coverage with the following key features:

·      Unlimited major critical illness benefits[3]

Exclusive in the market[4], both plans offer unlimited number of claims[5] for cancer, stroke and heart attack until the age of 100[6], protection for 138 illnesses, including Major Critical Illnesses and Early Stage or Minor Illnesses, and every major critical illness claim offers 100% of Sum Assured, unaffected by any previous claims on other critical illnesses.

·      Protection for unknown illnesses

Even if the cause of the illness is unknown, benefits are also payable for losses in functionality of the key organs[7] – heart, liver, lung or kidney – with 100% of Sum Assured for each claim.

·      Juvenile illnesses coverage

12 juvenile illnesses are covered, including Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism and Tourette Syndrome (TS). Children will also be guarded even if the covered illnesses are arisen from congenital conditions. If the insured is unfortunately diagnosed with cancer for the first time before the age of 22, a one-off Extra Child Cancer Benefit[8] which is equivalent to 40% of Sum Assured will be paid. Together with the 100% of Sum Assured for Major Critical Illness Benefit and the Extra Coverage Benefit8 of 60% of Sum Assured in the first 10 policy years, the total benefit payout is up to 200% of Sum Assured.

10Life is one of the largest insurance comparison platforms in Hong Kong and performs quantitative research on insurance products. Their actuaries rate insurance products based on factors that matter the most to the consumers. The top insurance products in the market are rated as 5 Star.

[1] Applicable to Two-year Premium Payment Term, with annual premium of US$100,000. Calculation of total break-even year and total cash value includes Guaranteed Cash Value and non-guaranteed Terminal Dividend. It is assumed that all premiums are paid in full when due, no withdrawals, no policy loans and no other policy options were made.
[2] Terminal Dividend Lock-in Options can be exercised starting from the 15th Policy Anniversary.
[3] Unlimited claims are only applicable for Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack. For each of the other major critical illnesses, the major critical illness benefit shall
be payable to the maximum once only.
[4] Based on comparisons with other critical illness plans issued by Hong Kong major life insurance companies as of Nov 2022.
[5] Subject to waiting period and specific terms and conditions
[6] Applicable to LionGuardian Beyond only. If the plan is taken out for an unborn baby, coverage period will be 100 years after the policy becomes effective.
[7] Diagnosed with specific condition of key organs (heart, liver, lung or kidney) which last for at least 3 consecutive months.
[8] Extra Child Cancer Benefit and Extra Coverage Benefit are applicable to LionGuardian Beyond only. The Extra Child Cancer Benefit will only be payable on the 1st diagnosed suffering from a Cancer before the Policy Anniversary falling on or immediately after the Insured’s 22nd birthday. This benefit can only be claimed once under the same Policy and it will cease after the claim.