We work hard to build up wealth to reach different milestones in life and allow us to pass the legacy on to our loved ones. LionTycoon (the “Plan”) is a long-term participating savings and life plan designed with high projected returns and various protections. The plan creates prosperity to match your financial needs and security for yourself and the people you love. You can also pass your wealth to next generations infinitely for better future.

5 Key Highlights:

Wealth protection and accumulation

The Plan offers one of the highest projected return in the market^. Secure and boost your wealth with Guaranteed Cash Value, Terminal Dividend, and Benefit Accumulation Account.

Flexible access to your wealth for realizing your financial goals

Great flexibility for managing your savings and cash flow to suit your personal needs through Terminal Dividend Lock-in Options and Various Cash Withdrawal Options.

Support you against financial difficulties

With the extended benefits of Accidental Death Benefit, Extended Grace Period Option and Premium Holiday Option, you will always be supported under different unexpected circumstances, allowing you and your loved ones to sit back and enjoy life at ease.

Legacy planning for your loved ones

Pass your wealth and protection to your next generations infinitely and hassle free.

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy behind our latest premium long-term participating savings and life plan, LionTycoon, is a truly bespoke plan that aims to deliver superior returns, with global coverage spanning across Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets.

The Plan is offered by Generali Life (Hong Kong) Limited.

Remarks: All information on this webpage is for reference only. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the product brochure and Policy Provisions for details of terms and conditions, risk disclosures of the Plan.

Case Studies

Wealth AccumulationLEGACY PLANNINGWealth Allocation

Protect and boost your wealth with extra returns

Mr. Au is busy with taking care of his family and business and has no time to manage his wealth. In order to protect himself and his family in the future, it is necessary to plan earlier. He chooses LionTycoon to help him manage and grow his wealth. Let’s see how LionTycoon helps Mr. Au accumulates his wealth so he can prepare for his son’s future and enjoy a comfortable life in the future.

Pass your legacy to the next generations as the best gift

Mrs. Yuen wants to give her daughter a gift when she grows up. She chooses LionTycoon that can create security and prosperity for herself and her daughter. Let’s see how Mrs. Yuen accumulates her wealth and pass the legacy to her daughter with LionTycoon.

An effective wealth allocation plan for next generations

Mr. Wong is a successful businessman. He plans to pass his business to his son after retirement. At the same time, he also wants to ensure his daughter’s future is well-protected. He is struggling how to allocate wealth equally to his son and daughter. Let’s see how LionTycoon helps Mr. Wong to fulfill his wealth allocation plan and create generations of tycoons.

Excel through the times

Times change. We have been gone through many ups and downs. But one thing remains constant. Generali’s unwavering commitment and support to customers ever since 1831. For nearly 190 years, no matter how the world changes, we are committed to bringing you the solutions that bring greater returns, higher flexibility, more protection and greater savings.

Generali is the largest market share in Italy* and one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers. Established in 1831, it is present in 50 countries in the world, with a total premium income of more than €70.7 billion in 2020. With nearly 72,000 employees serving 61 million customers, the Group has a leading position in Europe and a growing presence in Asia and Latin America. Generali’s ambition is to be the life-time partner to our customers, offering innovative and personalized solutions thanks to an unmatched distribution network.

Let’s click here for the speech of Roberto Leonardi, Generali Asia CEO on Generali’s commitment in Asia and how to be the customers lifetime partner. 

To learn more about Generali and its heritage, click here.

* Source: Generali Group, data as at end of 2018

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