Generali Hong Kong pioneers the launch of ARTE Generali art insurance solutions in Asia

Providing digital-led offerings designed to simplify the underwriting process and streamline collection management.

Following the successful launch of ARTE Generali in 2019, Hong Kong is the first market in Asia to offer its fine art insurance solutions. The launch aligns with ARTE Generali’s strategy of sustainable expansion worldwide.


This also marks an important step in advancing Generali Group’s Lifetime Partner strategy in the art market by bringing tailor-made art insurance solutions to Asia, starting with Hong Kong. Private collectors will find a comprehensive range of solutions designed to cover the needs of homeowners and support them in all aspects of collection management. Solutions for corporate collections, museums and exhibitions will be introduced later this year.


Rob Leonardi, Regional Officer International - Asia at Generali: “The launch of our cooperation with ARTE Generali in Hong Kong is a timely one, which is well suited to meet the evolving needs of the local fine art community. This is especially so given the premium being put on digital innovation across the art ecosystem, a trend that ARTE Generali is uniquely positioned to align to, given its digital tools and capabilities. I very much look forward to the cooperation between ARTE Generali and Generali Hong Kong in supporting our customers in this bustling market for the arts.”


Cecilia Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Generali Hong Kong: “As Hong Kong solidifies its position as the premier art marketplace in Asia, the importance of art insurance solutions becomes even more apparent. I am delighted about the launch of our comprehensive art insurance solutions in collaboration with ARTE Generali. With these new solutions, we are reaffirming our commitment as the Lifetime Partner to our customers, helping to preserve the cultural heritage of their artworks not only for today but also for future generations.”


Jean Gazançon, Chief Executive Officer of ARTE Generali: "I am very pleased and proud to inaugurate our Hong Kong presence today with Cecilia Chang in the lead. Our strength is our consistent focus on the needs of the art insurance market, unique underwriting expertise, specialized services and innovative digital tools that support our distribution partners and customers in their businesses. In cooperation with Generali's carriers, we are able to deliver a competitive and differentiated value proposition."


ARTE Generali has developed an innovative toolkit that is constantly evolving, sustained by their expertise and passion for the arts. The service offerings include expert teams to assist clients in securing and managing their art collections and assets, as well as incorporate digital technologies and applications. These tools are designed for seamless interaction with both business partners and customers, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency for all parties involved.

The following digital solutions will soon be available:

·      The ARTE Generali app covers all art-related needs - in cooperation with AI specialist Wondeur, the app offers My Art Market Trends, a new digital standard in the art market.


ARTE Generali uses the latest technological innovations to simplify complex and time-consuming processes for its customers. These include an online evaluation service from art experts, a virtual gallery, and a filing system for all relevant documents.

Collectors and art enthusiasts can learn more about contemporary artists with the My Art Market Trends feature, powered by Wondeur's AI technology, which provides the art community with the information they need to better understand developments in the art world. This feature provides instant access to data that reflects an artist's career, such as exhibitions, collections, acquisitions, and publications. The tool analyzes how these events are connected to make predictions about possible future prospects for artists and their work.

·      ARTE Generali ProCollect³ simplifies management of insured art collections.


With ProCollect³, ARTE Generali in partnership with SpeakART is launching a digital solution for the insurance management of ART objects, which can be shared among clients and brokers. The tool allows users to create and manage insured collections using an advanced, state of the art collection management system. The flexible, collaborative, and user-friendly web platform supports the creation of inventories, related insurance certificates as well as condition and status reports. All functions are connected and made easily accessible to users through a delegation and invitation system.


Since its establishment by Generali Group in 2019, ARTE Generali has launched art insurance solutions in Germany, France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Austria and the United Kingdom. Hong Kong is seventh and latest geographic area to make ARTE Generali solutions available.

ARTE Generali

Inspired by almost 200 years of passion for art, ARTE Generali offers specialized protection and assistance solutions for art collections, valuables, household, and property portfolio. Our personalized solutions for private and institutional art collectors, commercial institution and exhibitions are supported by cutting-edge services and digital tools. The teams of ARTE Generali GmbH have a solid background in Underwriting Insurance Fine Art risks and managing related claims with senior experts, who have more than 20 years of experience in the specific sector.


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