Press Release


As the Novel Coronavirus pandemic continues, we want to make sure you and your family are well protected during these critical times.

From 1 Feb – 30 Jun, 2020, you and your family will receive a complimentary “Generali Novel Coronavirus Coverage” when you apply for any Life Insurance Plan with Generali.

Coverage Features include:

Covered Persons

  • Includes you, your spouse, children, parents, and siblings, given that they live at the same residential address.   

Insurance Plan Application Period

  • Life Insurance Plans applied between 1 Feb – 30 Jun, 2020 and successfully issued on or before 31 Jul 2020.

Coverage Period

  • The first policy year.

Hospital Cash Benefit

  • If any of the Covered Persons need to be in Confinement as a result of a Novel Coronavirus Infection, we will pay hospital cash benefit of HKD 750 per day, for up to 30 days with maximum of HKD 1500 per day per family.

Additional Death Benefit

  • If there is an unfortunate death of the Covered Persons due to Novel Coronavirus Infection, we will pay an Additional Death Benefit of HKD 25,000 per person, up to 2 per family. 

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Terms & Conditions apply, please download the below PDF for full details.