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Generali Hong Kong today announced the launch of a market-first Bill Insurance – an innovative solution created to cover the utility bills of an individual by paying a lump sum benefit in the event the insured is hospitalised for more than 3 consecutive days.

Co-created with ZA, a leading FinTech and InsurTech brand in Asia, the product, named ZA Bill Insurance, is designed to offer customers worldwide coverage against unforeseen circumstances and challenges. The two variations – Basic Plan (Accident Only) and Comprehensive Plan (Accident & Sickness) – with different tiers of Utility Benefit allow customers to personalise their protection based on their own risk levels. With an affordable premium as low as HK$18 per year, this plan will give customers a coverage of up to HK$7,200 worth of benefits.

“Flexible working such as freelance and self-employment has been a growing trend over the past years and as a result, we have observed an increasing demand for protection against sudden and unforeseeable difficulties for this group of people. As they are not under any continuous contract of employment, their income will cease if they cannot work due to hospitalisation, and it becomes difficult to keep up with monthly bills and expenses. The Bill Insurance offers them a sense of security, ensuring they can maintain their utility expenses, which are essential to keep life moving and to better support themselves and their families”, said Cillin O’Flynn, General Manager of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A – Hong Kong Branch. Latest reports1 reveal that the average number of people engaged in flexible workforces in Hong Kong has reached 741,000 in 2020, accounting for close to 20% of the total workforce. This figure is significantly higher when compared to the average recorded in 2010 ten years ago (391,000; 11%).

Cillin added, “Generali strives to become the Lifetime Partner of our customers by listening to them, thinking out of the box and offering innovative products tailored to their needs. ZA is an ideal partner for us as they share the same vision for innovation. Their newly established digital platform, ZA Insure Select allows customers to complete purchases with convenience and ease. Together with ZA and the launch of our new ZA Bill Insurance, the first of its kind for us as well as the Hong Kong market, we aim to bring our customers greater peace of mind amid challenging times”.


This new and unique product is designed to help our customers navigate challenging times by offering the following features:

  • A Market-first bill insurance

Reinforcing our position as pioneers in the market, Generali is the first to roll out such a product, offering further personalisation by giving customers a choice between the Basic Plan (Accident Only) and Comprehensive Plan (Accident & Sickness) with different tiers of Utility Benefit. The plan will provide utility benefits to customers who are hospitalised due to accident and/or sickness for longer than 3 consecutive days.

  • Low premiums for a holistic protection

Customers will access the benefits of the plan with an affordable premium of as low as HK$18 per year. The total maximum benefit payable within a policy year is up to 24 times the Utility Benefit.

  • Digitalised platform for a seamless and convenient experience

Jointly developed with ZA, Generali’s ZA Bill Insurance will be available on the newly established platform ZA Insure Select, offering customers a fully digitalised service and ensuring a seamless and convenient customer experience.

  • Worldwide coverage

The plan covers the insured regardless of geographical location2, providing customers extensive worldwide coverage.

Terms and Conditions apply. Find out more about Bill Insurance here.

[1] Quarterly Reports on General Household Survey, published by Census and Statistics Department: 2020 Q12020 Q22010 Q12010 Q22010 Q32010 Q4

[2] Except for sanctioned countries