LionHarvest Pro Deferred Annuity

LionHarvest Pro Deferred Annuity (the “Plan”) is a Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy certified by the Insurance Authority1. With 5 or 10 years of premium payment, the Plan assists you in retirement planning with stream of Monthly Annuity Income2 and various protection coverage. Extra financial flexibility can be attained through the options of Monthly Annuity Income2 payout, premium holiday3 and change in Annuity Income Period Start Age4.

Key Highlights:

Worry-free retirement

Stream of Monthly Annuity Income2 and Terminal Dividend5 will be provided under the Plan for you to enjoy your retirement with peace of mind.

Take control of your financial arrangement (for 10-year Premium Term)

The Plan provides wide-range of optional Annuity Income Period Start Ages (from age 50 to 80). Extra flexibility is added for changing Annuity Income Period Start Age anytime through FlexiStart Option4 based on your changing needs.

Flexible Monthly Annuity Income[2] payout options

You may choose to cash out the Monthly Annuity Income2 and/or keep the Monthly Annuity Income2 in the Policy for non-guaranteed interest accumulation. You may withdraw accumulated Monthly Annuity Income2 and/or accumulated interest (if any) at any time to satisfy your needs. You can change your payout option anytime without any charges.

Growth Potential on top of Guaranteed Return

The Plan provides guaranteed IRR of 1.50% - 2.50%7 and total projected IRR of 3.20% - 4.20%7,8.

Tax Incentive

If you are a Hong Kong taxpayer, you may claim a concessionary deduction under salaries tax or personal assessment of up to HKD 60,000 per taxpayer9 (or up to HKD 120,000 per Policy for a taxpaying couple) per year for the qualifying premiums paid for the Plan. For further details, please refer to the website of the Inland Revenue Department at 

Disability Guard Benefit (for 10-year Premium Term)

Disability Guard Benefit is a supplementary benefit, which stands with you through the hard times. Disability Benefit will be payable in case of your total disability, providing you prompt financial support when you needed it the most.

Other Features:

  • Issue age applicable from age 18-70, suitable for different life stages. 
  • Up to 2 years premium holiday3 to cater to unexpected situations.
  • Death benefit10 of at least 108% of total premiums paid or accident death benefit11 of at least 188% of total premiums paid as extra protection to your beloveds.

1. The Insurance Authority certification is not a recommendation or endorsement of the policy, nor does it guarantee the commercial merit of the policy or its performance. It does not mean that the policy is suitable for all Policyholders, nor is it an endorsement of its suitability for any particular Policyholder or class of Policyholders. The policy has been certified by the Insurance Authority but this certification does not imply official recommendation. The Insurance Authority does not take any responsibility for the content of the product brochure of the policy, makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness, expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the content of the product brochure of the policy.

2. Monthly Annuity Income comprises of Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Income and Non-guaranteed Monthly Annuity Income (if any) which will be paid on monthly basis during the Annuity Income Period. The Non-guaranteed Monthly Annuity Income can be adjusted on each Policy Monthiversary and the actual amount during the Annuity Income Period may vary. The amount of Non-guaranteed Monthly Annuity Income will be determined based on the Company’s dividend philosophy. You may choose to cash out the Monthly Annuity Income and/or keep the Monthly Annuity Income in the Policy for interest accumulation at an interest rate which is not guaranteed and shall be determined by the Company from time to time at its absolute discretion. If no option is elected, cash out option will be applied to the payment of Monthly Annuity Income. 

3. Premium Holiday Option can be exercised from the 2nd Policy Anniversary and before the Insured has attained age 70. Policyholder is required to submit written request to the Company in the Company’s prescribed form at least 1 month before start date of the premium holiday, i.e. 1st day of the next Policy Year. Any Indebtedness must be repaid before the Premium Holiday is effective. Upon the start of the Premium Holiday, all supplementary benefit(s) (if any) attached to the Policy will be terminated. The total Premium Holiday taken in aggregate cannot exceed 2 years. Please note, this option is not applicable to any policies that select premium prepayment. 

4. The Policyholder may change the Annuity Income Period Start Age with a written request at least 1 month before the original Annuity Income Period Start Date or the new Annuity Income Period Start Date (whichever is earlier). The Annuity Income Period Start Age must be after the premium term and between age 50 and 80. This option is only available for policies with 10-year Premium Term. In case of change in Annuity Income Period Start Age, Policy Values (including but not limited to Guaranteed Cash Value, Monthly Annuity Income and Maturity Bonus) will be adjusted accordingly. 

5. Terminal Dividend (if any) is a non-guaranteed dividend and will be payable upon surrender or termination (e.g. death of the Insured or lapse of the policy) of the Policy. It will be declared (if any) at least once a year starting from the 2nd Policy Anniversary provided that it is available and the policy is still in force. The actual amount of Terminal Dividend (if any) will only be determined at the Company’s absolute discretion when it is payable. It may also be altered or withdrawn at any time by the Company. 

6. Maturity Bonus comprises of Guaranteed Maturity Bonus and Non-guaranteed Maturity Bonus (if any) which will be paid at the end of Policy Term if the Policy is still in force on the Expiry Date and the Insured is still alive. The actual amount of non-guaranteed Maturity Bonus (if any) will only be determined at the Company’s absolute discretion when it is payable. 

7. The above illustrated IRRs are based on a 45 year-old non-smoking male. These would be different for other issue ages. No levy, premium discount and tax deduction has been taken into account for IRR calculation. It is assumed that i) all premiums are paid in full when due; and ii) the Policy is held until expiration and entitled to the Guaranteed Maturity Bonus and Non-guaranteed Maturity Bonus (if any). The calculation of guaranteed IRR includes i) premiums paid for the Plan; ii) Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Income; and iii) Guaranteed Maturity Bonus, while the calculation of total projected IRR includes i) premiums paid for the Plan; ii) Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Income; iii) Non-guaranteed Monthly Annuity Income (if any); iv) Guaranteed Maturity Bonus; and v) Non-guaranteed Maturity Bonus (if any). 

8. Total projected IRR includes guaranteed and non-guaranteed returns. 

9. HKD 60,000 is the maximum tax deductions per taxpayer per year for qualifying annuity premiums and MPF tax deductible voluntary contributions. For details on tax deductions, please visit Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of HKSAR website at and consult a professional tax advisors for tax advice. 

10. If the Insured commits suicide, whilst sane or insane, within 1 year from (i) the Date of Issue or (ii) the effective date of any reinstatement of this Policy, whichever is later, the liability of the Company shall be limited to return of premiums paid without interest, less paid/payable Benefits and less any Indebtedness. In case of reinstatement, such amount of premium to be refunded shall be the premium paid calculated from the effective date of reinstatement. 

11. Before the Policy Anniversary on which the Insured attains age of 80, if the Insured dies due to an Accident within 180 days, "Accidental Death Benefit" will be payable instead of "Death Benefit". The Policy shall automatically terminate once the claim is approved. Accidental Death Benefit will not be applicable if the insured's death results from any of the following: (a) suicide or trying to commit suicide, while sane or insane; (b) wilful self-inflicted injury; (c) engaging in hazardous sports, (including but not limited to mountaineering necessitating the use of ropes or guides, pot-holing, parachuting, scuba-diving or other underwater pastimes, winter sports, steeple chasing, polo or racing of any kind other than on foot) other than those stated in the application; (d) taking or absorbing, accidentally or otherwise, any drug, medicine, sedative or poison, except as prescribed by a registered doctor; (e) inhaling any gas or fumes, accidentally or otherwise, except accidentally in the course of duty; (f) insanity or mental infirmity or mental disease; (g) committing or trying to commit a criminal offence; (h) war or any act incidental to war The word “war” includes any war, declared or undeclared, including civil war and guerrilla war, or any other conflict involving any country’s armed forces or any force of an international body; (i) service in the armed force or auxiliary civilian force of any country at war or service in any force of an international body; or (j) entering, operating, or servicing, riding in or on, ascending or descending from any kind of device designed for flight in or beyond the earth’s atmosphere except while the Insured is a passengers or air crew in an aircraft operated by a commercial passenger airline or a regular scheduled passenger trip over its established passenger route. 

The Plan is offered by Generali Life (Hong Kong) Limited.

Remarks: All information on this webpage is for reference only. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the product brochure and Policy Provisions for details of terms and conditions, risk disclosures of the Plan.


10 Life 5 Star Rated

QDAP - Retirement

10 Life 5 Star Rated

QDAP - Savings

Bloomberg Businessweek

Outstanding Performance - Life & Wealth Management Insurance (Product/Service)

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