LionPainter helps you build protection for you and your family, at different stages of your life and career.  Apart from life coverage, this plan also provides premium refund, enabling you to enjoy fruitful retirement and grabbing opportunities.  You can switch flexibly and enhancing your protection according to your needs.  Plan for your worry free future and pass on the protection to your family, LionPainter suits your every need.

100% of premium refund
Protect you until age 90
Increase the protection regardless of your health condition
  • We PROMISE to refund 100% of total premium paid during selected policy years
  • We PROMISE to protect you until Age 90
  • We PROMISE to let you increase the protection regardless of your health condition
  • We PROMISE to let you change to another plan without checking your health condition
  • We PROMISE to guarantee the premium rates upon the start of the policy until Age 80

The product is offered by Generali Life (Hong Kong) Limited.

For details of product feature, please refer to the Product Brochure.

Product Brochure