FlexiPlus Medical Insurance

It is crucial to be prepared; regardless of your health conditions, your application will be accepted and you will be provided with worry-free protection including towards pre-existing medical conditions. FlexiPlus lets you continue the protection when you retire or change jobs, or to extend your current protection to meet the specific needs of you and your family.

Unique features:

- 100% guaranteed acceptance, no additional exclusion nor premium

- Low cost top-up of your insurance plan

- Cover pre-existing medical condition

Key Product Features

Guaranteed acceptance

All eligible applications will be accepted. Medical protection could be needed by anyone, thus we do not differentiate by the health status of each individual, and are committed to continuing the protection up to Age100 at the prevailing premium rates regardless of any record of future claims.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions

Traditionally, medical conditions that exist prior to the time of application are not covered. We changed this status-quo so that pre-existing conditions are now covered by FlexiPlus once our insured member has been insured by employer’s group medical policy and/ or FlexiPlus for at least one year in total.

More choices of benefits

In addition to hospitalisation benefits, we provide outpatient and dental options for your choosing.


With FlexiPlus, you can increase your protection on top of your group medical policy, and ensure that it fits your own needs.

A plan for life

Unlike group cover which will cease when the employment contract ends, FlexiPlus will be your own individual policy with lifetime guaranteed renewal. FlexiPlus can also serve the changing needs at different stages of your life. For example, you can maintain the same deductible after you change jobs or you can reduce the deductible when you retire.

The above information is for reference only. For full details of terms and conditions of the product, please refer to the product information and contract. If you have any enquiry, please call us at (852) 3187 6880 or email us: groupmed_info@generali.com.hk